20 Most Perfectly Timed And Mind Boggling Photos On The Internet

Every  year photo editors select the top odd and unusual photos from the past year.

Their picks include photos that got the most attention  of their audience, and across social media.

“They are  the images that require not just a double-take, but perhaps,  a triple or quadruple-take to make sense.

Here are the photo editors top 20 Most Perfectly Timed Photos;


Ashrita Furman

Ashrita Furman holds over 600 Guinness World Records — the highest ever held by anyone. He sets another record for cutting the most watermelons into equal parts without anyone else to understand in one moment when he split 26 of them with a blade. Guinness World Records says he is their “most productive record-breaker.”


Frogs At The Dinner

Stuffed frogs—  in the real skin of once-live creatures of land and water — are arranged in a sort of feasting scene at the Frog Museum in Estavayer-le-Lac, Switzerland. The gallery has in it a whole gathering of Francois Perrier’s taxidermy frogs portraying scenes of nineteenth-century regular day to day existence.


The Blue Cat

Daylight reflecting through an at-home aquarium illuminates a British Blue cat in a Krasnoyarsk, Russia condo.


The Handy Bridge

Sightseers are strolling through a giant hand statue on the Gold Bridge in Ba Na Hills, Vietnam. This is such a terrific and grand incredible sight, you have to look multiple times to comprehend the intelligent work of design.


The Drumming Monkey

A monkey performs during the introduction of “THE SHOW OF THE GIANT  FOUNTAINS” where a light, designing, and water appear,  at the National Circus in Kyiv, Ukraine.


Flower Woman, Flower Field

A lady decides to take s picture in the midst of thousands of ranunculus blossoms at the Flower Fields in Carlsbad, California. About fifty sections of land of blossoms sprout from early March through early May each year.


Selfie Head

This is a tricky player by Saudi men known as  “sidewall skiing”. This is driving on two wheels — in Tabuk, Saudi Arabia. The man on the ground is taking a selfie of the trick.


Atlantic Seal

An Atlantic seal which looks like it has just seen something flinch — rests among the stones at St. Martin’s Haven in Wales. Seal puppies are born with fleecy white, non-waterproof coats, which they shed when they are four weeks old.


Police And Puppies

Chilean cops walk with  Golden Retrievers during the yearly military day march at the Bernardo O’Higgins park situated in Santiago, Chile. The dogs are a piece of the police canine preparing unit, just like the more established pooches they walked before.


Swimmers And Cup

Swimmers around the world train with half-filled containers, or a heap of coins which helps them to keep their heads straight during a backstroke preparing. Here, Jenny Mensing of Germany heats up at the 2018 European Championships, which is a  game challenge with different games and performers, in Glasgow.

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The Thief


This well shot perfect photo shows the annoyance of a man who brought out his fist as a form of an attack towards the Seagull that caught him on surprise stealing his ice-cream. Well timed, though, am sure that if I were to be the one there is no way the Seagull is going away with my ice-cream.


Uninvolved in Peace


This perfectly timed photo is something mind-blowing. How on earth would a force who has been assign to sustain peace in the community gives a false impression? No, need to take this farm it is just his helmet making things unusual.




this perfectly timed photos taken at the right moment is a PDA wherein anyone who takes a first glance without critically analyzing the photo would come to a conclusion that it’s a PDA. Don’t get the scene twisted, it is just a man sleeping while the lady closer to him is helping herself to a tea. What a mind-blowing perfectly timed photo.

A Poke


next on our list of mind-blowing perfectly timed photos taken at the right moment is a poke.
At first, when I sighted this photo I was like “What the hell?”. His facial expression towards the wallpaper made the photo look realistic. Just as I said, It is a wallpaper and a guy standing close to the art.



This click which captures an unintentionally strategic placement of a mannequin behind a woman in which gives a clear view that the mannequin is about to kick her butt. This strategic placement brought life to this perfectly timed photo.


Coronation Time


The match between Dallas and San Antonio on our list of mind-blowing perfectly timed photos taken at the right moment. The way the referee on the left stood blend with the crown on the close-by advertisement thereby forming an unexpected coronation moment.