17 Strongest Pokemon Ever Created

Introducing: The strongest Pokemon. Which is the strongest Pokemon ever created? Read on, as we put together a compelling list of 17 of the strongest Pokemon’s of all.

Selecting which of the Pokemon’s are the strongest out of the 802 Pokemon in the known Pokemon world can be more than challenging. But hey, it’s sure worth the effort. Over the years, we’ve witnessed different changes and upgrades of different Pokemon created, but the strongest of them all usually have unique abilities, moves, and special attacks that make them stand out from the rest of the other Pokemons.

So, are you ready to know which pokemon is the strongest and ranks in the top 17? Here’s our list of 17 of the strongest Pokemon ever created…

17. Ditto

First on our list is Ditto. This Pokemon has the unique ability to transform into any object or Pokemon it so desires with just a few exceptions. Its transformative ability makes the Pokemon very versatile. But, if it attempts to transform from memory, it just might encounter some problems which may affect its appearance, especially its smiling face.


16. Vaporeon

Next up at number 16 on this list of strongest Pokemon is a Pokemon that is based in water, Vaporeon. Vaporeon has tremendous power given ITS ability to absorb water, hydro pump, and water pulse abilities. This Pokemon is an evolution of Eevee when it comes in contact with the water stone, and when powered up, can really spell trouble for its opponents. Vaporeon ranks as the 16th strongest Pokemon.


15. Katana

At number 15 is Katana Pokemon. This Pokemon has grass/steel appearance. Considered as one of the ‘Ultra Beast’, Katana is an extremely dangerous type of Pokemon and seen that every part of its body is very sharp, it can cut through all tower with ease. Another interesting part is that it’s very light weighted, which means it can slip attacks. However, this Pokemon is vulnerable to moisture and fire. But, nonetheless, it ranks as the 15th strongest Pokemon ever created.


14. Buzzwole

This Hornet-looking Pokemon named Buzzwole is our 14th strongest Pokemon ever created. From its appearance, you can tell that this is one Pokemon you don’t want to mess with. Its one of the ‘Ultra Beast’ and is widely known by its code-name UB-02 Absorption.

Buzzwole can absorb the energy of its opponents to strengthen itself and with its abilities like “Hammer Arm” and “Dynamic Punch,” he can knock down any other Pokemon that stands to challenge him. He is the 14th strongest Pokemon ever created.


13. Talonflame

The 13th most powerful Pokemon ever created is Talonflame. Talonflame is a fire/flying Pokemon that has the resemblance of a falcon. This Pokemon has an immense speed attack that it uses against its opponents during battle.

It will fly high into the sky, and then launch itself at a speed of 300 mph at its opponents, unleashing a powerful kick. Also, as it soars the sky, this Pokemon releases embers from its feather and cause one of the fiercest attacks in the Pokemon franchise. The Talonflame is truly a badass.


12. Rayquaza

Rayquaza remains one of two strongest Pokemon from Gen III, the other is Salamence, and they both have Mega Evolutions. It is a beast, it can counter the permanent weather dynamics from Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre. The Rayquaza possesses one of the most powerful attacks, causing lots of damage in the process. It ranks as the 12th strongest Pokemon ever created.


11. Groudon

They say images have no sound but take a quick look at Groudon, you can hear the sound of chaos and utter destruction. When it was first introduced into the Pokemon franchise, Groudon quickly became of the most powerful Pokemon’s ever, and it had the stats to back it too. Groudon has the ability to summon permanent sunlight and is a bigger threat to all other Pokemons. It is ranked as the 11th strongest Pokemon ever created.


10. Mega Kangaskhan

She may be technically a normal-type of Pokemon, but she certainly doesn’t act like one looking like a giant kangaroo on steroids. This mega Pokemon uses her humongous size and maternal bond with her child to her advantage.

She packs quite the punch and when she’s outraged, this is one Pokemon you don’t want to pick a fight with except you’ve prepared really well. She is the 10th strongest Pokemon ever created.


9. Xerneas

Xerneas is a fairy-type legendary Pokemon. She has the resemblance of a stag with golden antlers. This Pokemon has the ability to give eternal life, create forests, and share its power with things around it when it’s at the end of its life, before transforming into a tree for a thousand years. She is ranked as the 9th strongest Pokemon ever created.


8. Giratina

At number, 8th is Giratina, a ghost/dragon type legendary Pokemon that comes from the Distortion World. This Pokemon has the ability to control and travel through different dimensions and can learn to control the shadow force. It is a very aggressive Pokemon and represents antimatter in the creation of os Sinnoh. It ranks as the 8th strongest Pokemon ever created.


7. Kyurem Black

Kyurem Black is an Ice/Dragon legendary type of Pokemon that has the ability to assume two forms through the process known as Absolution. In this process, it fuses with Kyurem and Zekrom and can apply its own Freeze Shock move while employing Zekrom’s Fusion Bolt simultaneously.

Legend has it that, this Pokemon is way too powerful and lacks familiarity with people. So, it’s considered dangerous for people if they get too close. It ranks as the 7th strongest Pokemon ever created.


6. Darkrai

Darkrai is a legendary Pokemon, famous for stopping two of the strongest Pokemon, Palkia and Dialga from engaging in a fight. And he looks strong without having to show it. He ranks as the 6th most powerful Pokemon ever created.


5. Lugia

Lugia is a Psychic-Flying Pokémon endemic to the Johto region. It sleeps in a deep-sea trench. The problem with this Pokemon is that, it’s primary way of movement is flight, but when it flaps its wings, it causes storms that can last up to 40 days. So, that been said, Lugia’s causing days of storms pretty much every time he goes anywhere. It is the 5th strongest Pokemon ever created.


4. Dialga

The 4th strongest Pokemon ever created is Dialga. Dialga is a legendary Pokemon of steel/dragon and also a member of the creation trio of Sinnoh. This Pokemon is a time warper and can speed up, slow down, or stop time entirely if so desires. This ability made it the only Pokemon that can make use of the “Roar of Time.”


3. Ultra Necrozma

Ultra Necrozma is a psychic Legendary Pokemon and a force unlike any other. It is believed to be from an entirely different world and lives underground, sleeping for thousands of years. But, when it eventually comes out from his age-long nap, it absorbs light and uses its unique ability known as “Prismatic Laser” to unleash mayhem on its opponents. It’s vicious, fiery and shoots lasers at anything around it.


2. Arceus

Arceus is the second strongest Pokemon ever created. It is considered to be the strongest of all Pokemon because it is the creator of all. But, being the creator of all doesn’t necessarily make you the strongest. However, this Pokemon, you don’t want to pick a fight with. Because it can change its type to any Pokemon, plus, it’s a god. He has more than a thousand forms and can make use of any move at any time it wishes. Arceus is among the legendary Pokemons from the Pokemon series.


1. Mewtwo

The strongest Pokemon ever created is Mewtwo. Mewtwo was created as a clone to replacing Mew, one of the strongest Pokemon ever. However, when Mewtwo was created, it became the most strongest Pokemon and no other Pokemon aside Mew can challenge Mewtwo.

Unlike most other Pokemon’s, Mewtwo has no gender, but has awesome stats, like for example, it can learn basically any move of its opponent, can block the special abilities of all other Pokemons, and can wipe clean and control the minds of both humans and Pokemons. It is not just the strongest, but also the most powerful Pokemon ever created.

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