17 Mythical Creatures – The Most Powerful in History

What are the most powerful Mythical Creatures? Here’s what we know. In today’s post, we shall be looking at some of the mythical creatures that have gained prominence in ancient Greek, Roman, and even the old Norse legends lores. So, if you’re looking for magical creatures or mythological beasts, then this list is a great place to start.

From Centaur to Mermaids, to griffins and satyrs, these ancient mythical creatures have been listed today, but with short description and information about these creatures

Most Powerful Mythical Creatures List

17. Centaur

Centaur comes first as the 17th mythical creature on our list of most powerful mythical creatures. Centaurs are ancient creatures from Greek Mythology. They are half-man, half-horse creatures who are known by legends to be heavy drinkers, and wild, drawn to violence while intoxicated.

They preferred to live in tribes, making homes in caves and hunt for wild animals.


16. The Kraken

Up next is another legendary creature that comes from the Norwegian folklore. The Kraken is a very large cephalopod-like sea monster that send chills down the spines of mariners. It ranks as the 16th mythical creature on our list.


15. Medusa

On the 15th spot are Medusa, another Greek, and Roman mythical creature. She is known famously for having snakes on top of her head as hairs. Medusa is one of three Gorgon sisters born to Phorcys and Ceto. She is a feared monster and legends have it that, those who gaze upon her face will turn to stone.


14. Dragons

Dragons are by far one of the most popular mythical creatures ever. The fire-breathing beasts are seen to have appeared in many folklore of many cultures across the world. It ranks as the 14th mythical creature on our list.

By description, dragons are believed to be large, horned, four-legged serpent-like creatures with wings and flight ability. And of course, they breathe out fire.


13. Cyclopes

Cyclopes are one-eyed giants popular in Greek mythology and later Roman mythology. They are the offsprings of the sky god and earth goddess and are known to be very strong. They were wild and reckless, and are known to have no social manners and fear of the gods.


12. Orthrus

Orthrus are two-headed hounds of death, legendary guard dogs that protected the Geryon’s cattle and was killed by Heracles. In Greek mythology, the monster mutt Orthrus or Orthus was the offspring of Echidna and Typhon, two monster dogs who were also multiheaded.


11. Yeti, Sasquatch, and Bigfoot

I know these three mythical creatures are not the same, but they all have two things in common; first, they are giant ape-like men, secondly, they have the ability to stay out of focus in photographs.

Ranked as the 11th mythical creature on our list, they are legends of American folklore and are believed to be hairy, upright walking, and look like apes.

On January 29, 2016, camera footage showed a giant ape-like monster spotted in Pyrenees Mountains of Northeastern Spain that was very convincing of the very existence of these mythical creatures.

10. Manticore

On the 10th position is a Greek mythical creature of ancient Persian folklore, the Manticore. It’s a mysterious creature with the head of a man, but the body of a lion. It also has wings, three fearsome pairs of teeth, and was believed to be blood-red in color.

It’s a voice is said to be as soothing as that of a trumpet and was very powerful.


9. Mermaids

Mermaids A.K.A Sirens are ancient mythical aquatic creatures that have the upper body of a human, and tail of a fish. They are known to appear in much different folklore of many cultures.

Ranked as the 9th mythical creature on our list, they are believed to be bringers of life and fertility due to the endless food supply of the sea and said to possess forces of great natural power.


8. Unicorns

Unicorns are very popular in legends and folklore and amongst children, as we have seen them in children stories, cartoons, etc. The Unicorn is our 8th mythical creature on this list.

This mythical creature has the resemblance of a horse but with a single, large, spiralling horn that projects upwards from its head. Truly a magnificent creature the Unicorn is.

Some legends believed the Unicorn also has wings. There are many folklores and theories associated with the existence, origin, and purpose of the Unicorn.


7. The Erinyes (Furies)

The Furies are known as ancient Greek goddesses of Vengence and retribution. They were believed to be punishers of men who commit crimes against the natural order.

They were interested in punishing all those who offended the gods, committed crimes of homicide, etc. They sit at the 7th mythical creature on our list of 17 most powerful mythical creatures.


6. The Sphinx

Up next at number 6th position is an ancient Greek mythical creature, the Sphinx. Like the Manticore earlier mentioned, the Sphinx is another mythical monster which has the head of a human and the body of a lion. There are also legend tales of the Sphinx in ancient Egyptian folklore.


5. Griffin

Griffins have almost the same resemblance as the Sphinx and Manticore, but only the head of an eagle and forelegs similar to that of an eagle, including the presence of talons.

This mythical possesses the ability of flight (because it has wings) and is believed to have super strength and intelligence. The Griffin is an ancient Greek mythical beast and ranks as our 5th most powerful mythical creature on the list.


4. Minotaur

Minotaur is a legendary Greek mythical beast and is the 4th most powerful mythical creature on our list. It is a huge, and powerful beast, and have the head of a bull and the body of a man but with hoofed feet.

Although this powerful creature was killed by the Athenian Theseus, the Minotaur was a prisoner to the vicious King Minos of Crete, trapped at the centre of a labyrinth built by the king.


3. Fairies

Fairies are believed to be small, mythical creatures that fly in the air. Often times depicted as girls, Fairies were believed to carry out certain tasks like the tooth fairy, which is responsible for leaving money or treats under the pillows of kids who have had a tooth fall out.

The Fairies are ranked as the 3rd mythical creature on our list.


2. Goblin

Our second mythical creature on the list is the Goblin. Known to possess attributes of greed, quick-tempered, and desire for maleficence, Goblins are ugly creatures of ancient European folklore that possesses some level of magic.


1. Ogre

Now, to the last mythical creature on our list, the Ogre. Do you remember Shrek? Well, this is the actual version of the animation character. They are huge, very ugly beasts that have a large appetite for human flesh – especially little children.

Ogres have made several appearances in a number of fairytales, myths, and folklore.

Which of these mythical creatures do you consider the most powerful?

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