17 Most Expensive Celebrity Plastic Surgery

Introducing: TOP 17 Most Expensive Celebrity Plastic Surgery. From liposuction to facelifts, to boobs and butt implants, celebrities don’t seem to be slowing down the pace to keep up with the glamour and attention that runs wild in the entertainment industry. They go as far as spending some ridiculous amounts of fortune on different plastic surgeries just so they could always look their best due to the pressure of stardom.

However, while some of them go for simple fixes and end up looking way better than their original self, others pushed too hard and turned out looking extremely weird and worse than they were before.

These are the most expensive Plastic Surgery done by celebrities

34. Nicki Minaj, Bill: $11,500

Everyone’s favourite female rapper comes up at number 18 on our list. The YMCMB first lady is by far one of the Sexiest Female rappers ever. She is very popular for her vulgar lyrics and ‘almost’ nude outfits in her music videos. The ‘Anaconda’ crooner likes to twerk a lot in her songs, no wonder she spent over $5000 for butt implants.

She didn’t stop there too, dropping another $235 to bleach her skin so she could become white, and a rhinoplasty surgery, which changed the direction of her nose from north to south, giving her the perfect Barbie Doll look.

33. Lindsay Lohan – Bill: $10,000

Star of Hollywood’s ‘Mean Girls’ Lindsay Lohan has been at the centre of controversy concerning her looks. The actress has been rumoured to have undergone a number of cosmetic surgeries, from Boob jobs, nose jobs, facial implants, you name it she’s supposedly had it. But, Lindsay had denied all of those claims, even those claiming she had Botox to keep her younger look alive. However, she had admitted to trying out Caci, a treatment which uses electrical currents in the facial muscles to keep them smooth. Anna Faris Although, Anna has been rumoured to have gone under the knife, she is yet to admit that she had done anything to her face.

However, expert opinion has shown that she just might have had an eye lift, or facial fillers, as well as lip plumping tools such as collagen or implants. And although her Botox phase seemed to be over now, Anna also admitted to trying injections. The cost of her plastic surgery is said to be at about…

32. Clare Danes, Bill: $11,000

Clare Danes is one of Hollywood’s most famous actress, and for women in the eye of the public, it’s only right to keep fresh and avoid the signs of ageing. She has admitted to going under the knife with claims that she is pretty open to plastic surgery. It’s no surprise to us, however, that the pressure to look young can be immense for anyone, not to talk of a famous star actress. She is believed to have done treatments such as lip fillers, an eye lift, and even facial implants. And for a 38-year-old, her surgeries have been able to keep her looking beautiful and a lot younger too.

31. Clay Aiken – $11,000

When everyone thought Clay Aiken, a guy with such an incredible voice, was going to be the next American Idol, it turned out he didn’t quite make it to that top spot. But luckily for him, his singing career did not suffer anyway. He decided to go under the knife for medical reasons, which he claimed had to do with TMJ.

He had the surgeon to remove some fat from his chin and neck while in surgery because he needed to have his jawline reconstructed. His current looks don’t seem far from what he used to look like, but we’re happy his procedure was resolved easily for him.

30. Nadya Suleman – $12,180

When Nadya Suleman delivered 8 babies at once, she became really popular and was nicknamed ‘Octomom’ which sounds like a name you’ll hear in Disney animations.

However, she has been slammed by media critics for making money out of her kids, which includes modelling, TV documentaries, and other media events. Nadya is believed to have used this money for her plastic surgeries which include lip injections, nose jobs, and unsurprisingly- vaginal rejuvenation!

29. Denise Richards – $13,000

Popular for her appearances in shows like Married with Children or Saved by the Bell, Denise Richards is one of America’s television actresses with a successful career. She even has her own reality TV show. At age 19, Denise Richards decided to undergo plastic surgery, having breast augmentation in a bid to improve her looks for Hollywood and Television. Sadly, her first attempt went south as she was given implants way bigger for her frame. However, she had a corrective procedure, and this time, it was well fitted and she is now happy with the results.

28. Ashlee Simpson, Bill: $13,000

The younger sister of Jessica Simpson, Ashlee Simpson, is a famous singer and a reality TV star who had her own show on MTV. She has always felt like being in the shadow of her sister, seeing herself as the lesser attractive one. And you guess what’s about to happen? She decided to go under the knife.

Her cosmetic surgery includes rhinoplasty, plus some other work which she says she gave some serious thoughts about before going into. Now, she doesn’t have to worry about looking like the celebs she looks at in magazines.

27. Tori Spelling, Bill: $13,000

Spelling is a famous actress and star in television shows like Beverley Hills and blockbuster movie Scary Movie. She has admitted to having breast augmentation but regrets her decision afterwards. She is one among celebs with plastic surgery nightmares.

Her surgery left her with a deformed breast and severe chest depression. She spoke against breast augmentation and the problems associated with it, especially with breastfeeding your children. She admits that if she had known from the start, she wouldn’t have plunged into having the work done.

26. Nicole Richie, Bill: $13,000

While we continue to see celebs who deny going under the knife or confirm having any cosmetic adjustments done to their looks, there’s Nicole Richie. She openly admits being a fan of cosmetic surgery, adding that the experience is nothing far from makeup or fake tanning. Seems her view on using the means is to maintain her looks. According to her, “Why grow old gracefully when you have the technology to prevent it?”.

Nicole has had rhinoplasty and is popular for having what is mostly referred to as a mini boob job, where she gets breast implants, but goes for the natural look over a large amount of cleavage. I believe we should be expecting more from her giving she doesn’t change her mind.

25. Dianna Agron, Bill: $15,000

Not everyone likes to get a rhinoplasty because of the desire to have a better-looking nose, Dianna’s reason is more concrete. But nonetheless, the actress and role model for many teenage girls spent about $15,000 to fix her broken nose after a collision with friends when she was out dancing the night away. Famous for her role as Quinn Fabray in ‘Glee’, Dianna who had the confidence to make the change didn’t take it too far with countless procedures or alterations. She just took and break and fixed it, and now looks as beautiful as ever.

24. Kim Kardashian, Bill: $16,500

Famous for her sex tape, wife of famous rapper Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, or Kim K as she is also referred to, is one celebrity who makes a lot of money by putting her entire life on TV for the whole world to see. So, you got to ask, wouldn’t plastic surgery just be another way to earning more popularity for Kim? Because more popularity means more views, and more views, well…I guess you know where that’s going.

So, it doesn’t really matter how much she spends on her incredibly gorgeous body, because to her, her body is what matters most on TV. The star of ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians‘ has had several enhancements to her feminine body parts which include a butt and boobs jobs, and also a nose job.

23. Heather Locklear, Bill: $18,500

Considering the number of surgeries Heather had undergone, which includes a nose job, a boob job, a cheek implants procedure and a facelift, as well as Botox injections, she hasn’t really spent so much going under the knife. Plus, her looks don’t quite seem to differ so much either.

The actress and model have been associated with famous men like Tommy Lee Jones to Richie Sambora.

22. Lil’ Kim, Bill: $19,625

We believe Lil’Kim has had the most shocking transformation on our list during her break in her musical career. The female rapper must have sneaked through the eyes of the public who didn’t get a chance to follow up on any gradual changes to her appearance. Lil’Kim after going AWOL appears to have bleached her skin a few shades lighter, plus having other cosmetic adjustments like liposuction, lip implants, a rhinoplasty, and breast augmentation too.

Her new look has not been taken kindly too by public opinion who are still shocked about her stunning transformation.

21. David Gest, Bill: $20,000

Many would attribute the 59-year old TV star-and-concert promoter, David Gest’s decision on going under the knife is spurred by his friendship with fellow cosmetic surgery enthusiast and pop icon, Michael Jackson. Gest is believed to have been addicted to plastic surgery too, as he had many facelifts, an eyebrow lift and Botox, as well as surgery to his chin to give him a stronger jaw. He has admitted to having regrets, saying he went a little overboard with the number of procedures he’s had, which has cost him more money than he could afford.

20. NeNe Leakes, Bill: $20,500

Linnethia Leakes, best popular as NeNe is a reality Tv star who rose to fame after her impressive role in the Real Housewives of Atlanta. The show which made her famous, earning her further screen roles in TV shows like Glee, and an opportunity to be the judge on the show Fashion Police. So, it’s no surprise that she has had a dig too in trying out plastic surgery to keep that fresh look for the big screen. She decided to go under the knife having a breast lift and a breast reduction, one nose job, and some liposuction.

19. Dolly Parton, Bill: $23,000

Dolly had undergone a series of cosmetic surgeries in a bid to avoid ageing. A list of her surgeries she did includes liposuction, under-eye work, Botox and more…Dolly openly agreed to have had many surgeries when she was interviewed by Oprah Winfrey in 2003.

According to the beloved country music star, she had undergone surgeries of different kinds, all to maintain her famous image. During her interview, she made a rather more jestful comment when she told Oprah “if I have one more facelift I’ll have a beard”. Lol, seems like dolly has had one too many nips and tucks, any more could make her look like a sexy grand-hermaphrodite for the rest of her life.

18. Donatella Versace, Bill: $25,000

Talk about cosmetic surgery went wrong, is the case for fashion designer and co-owner of one of the richest luxury brands in the world, Versace, Donatella Versace.

Donatella was already a popular figure but her quest to look like one of the models for her brand went south. Her cosmetic surgery ended up making her even more popular as an object of ridicule for critics. Guess money couldn’t buy her the beauty she so dearly wanted.

17. Vivica Fox, Bill: $26,085

Famed for her appearances on TV soap opera, Days of Our Lives, and several other movies and TV shows like Dancing in with the Stars, Vivica Fox has had her share of plastic surgery which has gone extreme over time. She has paid for small changes like Botox and lip injections, as well as a facelift, and both breast and jaw implants. She is also famous for her past relationship with big-time rapper, 50 Cent!

16. Lara Flynn Boyle, Bill: $28,000

When you go on to spend a jaw-dropping $28,000 only to come out looking like someone who got lost in the woods and was attacked by a swarm of angry bees, with swollen lips, the thought that comes to mind is about all the amazing other things you could have bought with such an amount. Lara Flynn Boyle, a 43-year-old (at the time of surgery) and prettier than average movie star, spent $28 grand to look prettier than her original version.

But I guess, not all cosmetic surgeries work out as well as intended.

15. Kathy Griffin, Bill: $30,000

Nowadays, it’s more like ‘if you want to the young looks to stay, you need to keep the years at bay!’ More and older females in the public eye are doing everything possible to maintain their younger looks and some are even overdoing it. But not for Kathy Griffin, she has managed to go under the knife with a number of procedures on her eyebrows, breasts, nose and eyes, as well as chemical peels and Botox to keep her looking young without spoiling her looks in any way.

A quick look at her and you’ll realize she still is as gorgeous as ever.

14. Heidi Montag, Bill: $30,000

Heidi is a singer, author, and fashion designer, most popular for her appearances in MTV reality TV series, The Hills. She made the headline in 2009 after she shockingly underwent 10 surgical procedures, yes, 10! Her excuse, insecurity, and pressure from Hollywood.

According to her, “We all want to feel attractive so who is anyone to judge me”. Her idea for the perfect look included a Mini brow lift, Botox in the forehead, nose job revision, fat injection, chin reduction, neck liposuction, ears pinned back, breast augmentation, liposuction on hips, inner/outer thigh and buttock augmentation, spending a total of $30,000. So many operations just to look more attractively accepted. She is lucky to still be alive.

13. Jennifer Aniston, Bill: $30,500

You just got to ask, how does Jenni do it? Stay looking so young? And even though she has never confirmed doing any cosmetic surgery, experts suspect that the actress has had two nose jobs and a facelift in the past two decades, to keep her looking so young.

Her youthful looks have been put down by some to be an extensive skincare and beauty regimen. One which is believed to have cost her as much as $1.5 million, considering the treatments she talks about enjoying which includes a laser and ultrasound ‘no scalpel’ facials which she does once a month.

12. Holly Madison, Bill: $32,000

Holly claims that her time living in the Playboy mansion is what contributed to her decision to go under the knife. She is not really one to imagine being insecure about her looks, but she says “I was comparing myself to the other girls … You have to look a certain way at the mansion. Plastic surgery made it easier for me to get things I wanted in my career. Without it, I wouldn’t be where I am today.” She seems pretty confident about her decision, having no regrets.

What do you think about her look which is said to have cost her about $32,000?

11. Pete Burns, Bill: $38,000

Pete Burns would best be recognized by those born in the ’90s as a man. Now, his appearance is rather disturbing to tell what he is. The dead or alive crooner came out publicly to speak up concerning his feelings about being a woman trapped in a man’s body.

So, in order to make what he feels a reality, he decided to modify his physical features to his ideal body. Sadly, the event of his surgical procedures went south, and ever since, Burns has appeared in public with different horrible looks that will give even grown up nightmares. Burns is now suffering the aftermath of his own doing.

Sources say that Burns has opened up to splashing almost all his life savings on more operations, in a bid to correct the surgery gone wrong.

10. Roseanne Barr, Bill: $45,000

From simple stand up comedy to her rise to stardom with the 90’s sitcom Roseanne, this comedienne needed a role where she wouldn’t have to play the role of the fat woman, so she first got a tummy tuck, nose job, and breast reduction. She later went for a gastric bypass, which many would say was the right step for impressive weight loss.

9. Caitlyn Jenner, Bill: $60, 000

next on our list of the most expensive celebrity plastic surgery is Caitlyn Jenner.
Plastic surgeries that have to do with transitioning from a male to female aren’t easy, as they could take up hours of work to try and perfect. Plus, they don’t come cheap too. But Caitlyn was up to the task, doling out about $60 grand to look and feel like the woman she claims had always been inside her. Her surgical transformation made the headlines, and it contributed to her family’s fame and recognizance.

The Mother of the Kardashians has had almost every part of her body worked on. She underwent a 10-hour feminization process which gave her a female face, a reduced jaw bone, removal of her Adam’s apple, and a breast implant. Although her transformation wasn’t the most expensive money wise, it was for her marriage with Kris.

8. Barry Manilow, Bill: $70,000

Barry is one celebrity whose inclusion on our list is not for the same glamour and beauty reasons as others, but because the New York-born musician was reported to have walked into a wall accidentally and as a result got his face disfigured. Which made him have one of the most expensive plastic surgeries. In order to fix his disfigured face, Barry Manilow spent over $70k on a lower and upper facelift.

Although, there was another suspicion that he also had a nose job and botox injections. Anyways, at least his facial job didn’t leave him looking worse than he was. Barry looks aren’t really different from how we have always known him.

7. Christopher Maloney, Bill: $92, 000

Remember Barry from the 2012 X-Factor show? He was trolled and abused both online and offline leading to the singer’s loss of confidence in himself as per his looks. He went depressed and lost focus at that time due to the pressure, and even threats he got from different people.

However, being that he could afford to do something about improving his looks at that time, Maloney spent a jaw-dropping $92 grand on two nose jobs, eye lift, three hair transplants, and teeth veneers to get his confidence back.

But, however, he developed a complication to his health after his surgical operations Poland and was rushed to the hospital for suffering DVT [deep vein thrombosis]. He fully recovered in 2017 and has been endeared to many people with no threats from trolls.

6. Sharon Osbourne, Bill: $400, 000

Sharon Osbourne comes 6th on our list of the most expensive plastic surgery. For someone who has done a series of plastic surgeries, Sharon Osbourne is one celebrity who has never failed to admit that she has had plastic surgery. She even goes as far as sharing to the public how much she spent for each surgical session and for what purpose she’s had them. She told the Sun in an interview in 2013, Sharon disclosed that she has had a series of skin stretching and peeling, plus a total removal of undesired and surplus skin.

The television host, presenter and The X factor judge first had liposuction because she was overweight which cost her about $185, 000, and later started giving much attention to her face. In all, Sharon has whopped out a total amount of $400,000 on plastic surgery.

5. Demi Moore, Bill: $500, 000

If you had half-a-million dollars, would you spend it on improving your looks in a bid to avoid looking old? Well, I guess you’ll only find out when you do have such an amount. But that’s not the case with Hollywood’s Demi Moore, who splurged half a million on cosmetic surgery in order to retain her glow in an industry where good looks, and of course, talent sells faster than the basic things of life.

The actress had to go through various cosmetic surgeries to put back in shape, her ageing body which had begun to point down to mother earth. She is one of those people who are willing to spend as much as someone’s net worth to have a cosmic makeover or the other. Demi Moore remains 5th on the list of Most Expensive Celebrity Plastic Surgery

4. Cher, Bill: $1, 000, 000

For a septuagenarian, Cher sure looks way younger than most Hollywood’s sexiest females. But she didn’t just maintain her looks through healthy eating and regular exercise, Cher actually spent a million dollars to retain her shine, if not making her look better. And she doesn’t deny it too, unlike many other celebrities, Cher admitted over ten years ago, “Yes, I have had a facelift, but who hasn’t?”.

Cher calls herself the ‘Poster Girl for Plastic Surgery’ which has succeeded in setting her apart as a perfect epitome of what a good plastic surgery should look like. Her cosmetic procedures reportedly include a nose job, eyelid alterations, chest augmentation, and botox injections. For having spent a million dollars (which is unarguably the net worth of many celebrities), Cher definitely deserves a spot on our list of Most Expensive Celebrity Plastic Surgery

3. Michael Jackson, Bill: $1,500,000

Michael was everyone’s’ favourite pop star, his music was pure gold. His voice was heavenly, but what about his looks? Was there anything wrong with how he appeared? What started as a simple case of adolescent insecurities while growing, later turned to an addiction of some sort for the King of Pop.

Michael Jackson was a really talented artiste, but his quest for perfection as far as appearance goes was really hard to satisfy. He had to start off with his nose, made it pointy. But then, his desires grew even bigger and he had to bleach his skin, change his jawline, lips, and eyes.

Till today, it’s really difficult to estimate how many surgeries he had over the years, some sources say up to a 100! But the reason for his constant metamorphosis remains unclear, and this had him to be in serious debt by age 50. [Also, Read: Top Best dancers in the world] The King of pop remains 3rd on the list of Most Expensive Celebrity Plastic Surgery

2. Kylie Jenner, Bill: $2, 000, 000

I know, I know, another member of the Jenner family! Kylie Jenner, who is currently the youngest billionaire admitted to having had lip fillers as a result of a date telling her that he thinks she might not be good at kissing. Also, there are insinuations that Kylie had other surgical makeovers which included breast implants, botox, and some other cosmetic adjustments.

1. Jocelyn Wildenstein, Bill: $4, 000, 000

Talk about spending a fortune just to end up looking at the opposite of what you intended. Jocelyn Wildenstein spent a mind-blowing $4 million dollars on a surgical operation that has made her an object of ridicule to the public. Her initial intention was to look like a feline, courtesy of her then husband’s penchant for big felines.

However, if she had seen the result of her decision before she had made it, I am pretty sure she wouldn’t have needed anyone to scream ‘abort’ before she would consider cancelling her appointment with the plastic surgeon. She has been called many different abusive names from the poster child for—bad—plastic surgery to plastic surgery junkie, but in all the hard work and bad results, there is a naturally beautiful woman who, as a result of her irrational choice, destroyed her face..and spent a fortune doing it!. making her top the list of Most Expensive Plastic Surgery

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