17 Egyptian tattoos That are Adorable – Tattoos Designs For Male & Female

These Egyptian tattoos are amazing and they are for male and female.

In our recent post, we looked at the Coolest Tattoo with Meaning. So today, we will be turning our attention specifically to the ancient land of Egypt, looking at some of the best Egyptian tattoos that are suitable for both male and female.

Best Egyptian Tattoos Design For Male & Female

17. Nekhbet the Goddess

The Egyptian goddess Nekhbet the vulture is the most ancient of Egyptian oracles, dating back to before the dynastic era of the nation Egypt. The goddess-themed tattoo is simply stunning and symbolizes beauty, grace, and truth. The tattoo would fit perfectly on a woman’s arm or back, as well as a man’s biceps, back, or anywhere.

16. Flying Ma’at

The Flying Ma’at is an Egyptian goddess of truth, justice, and order. Her image symbolizes law and morality. It is believed from ancient Egyptian lore that the goddess Ma’at is responsible for controlling the heavens and the seasons. Thus, without her, chaos and destruction will reign upon the world of gods and men. The image of the goddess Ma’at would fit well on the back across the shoulders of both males and females, anyone who loves order, harmony, value for the realm of law, morality, and justice.

15. The Sphinx Egyptian Tattoo Designs

The Sphinx Egyptian Tattoo could be placed on various ranges on the body. It is the ancient Egyptian mystical character that shows the head of a human on the body of a lion, which may be the Egyptian version of the Celtic Griffons.

However, the actual meaning of this character is yet known by astrologers and archeologists alike, it is believed that the Sphinx was a watchman over the ruler who once laid in the adjacent pyramid. A full-figured Sphinx could be a full back piece and is one of Egypt’s best tattoos for men and women alike.

14. Multiple Symbol Egyptian Tattoo

Lovely plan and general design with this bit of craftsmanship. The blossoms lacking shading implies something specifically however it might be lost to everybody except the craftsman himself. This Egyptian tattoo is loaded with imagery. The sun means it’s ensuring whatever its beams touch.

The eye implies quality and force. In the event that you have a one dollar greenback from the United States with you, take it out and investigate it. It’s the same eye. The pyramids likewise connote force and power

13. The Phoenix

The Phoenix is a legendary Egyptian creature that is believed to have ascended out of its own cinders to start life once again. The imagery is used by tattoo enthusiasts to represent resurrection or conquering great hardships throughout life. The tattoo of the Phoenix will be great on the upper arm or spread over your back. It is truly one of Egypt’s most beautiful tattoo designs ever.

12. Horus Egyptian Tattoo Design

The Horus is an ancient Egyptian deity, known as the god of war, the sky, and the Falcons. He is regarded as the ruler of flight, and even if you’re not a war person, the depiction of the Horus on you would look awesome anywhere you decide to put it!

11. Little Nemes

Are you looking for something less imposing and large, I suggest you get the smaller variants of the Nemes. The Neme is the actual name of the headdresses worn only by Egyptian pharaohs in ancient Egypt. The Nemes symbolizes royalty and power.

They are a perfect way to pack a lot of power into a small, but unique tattoo. The menarche tattoo design would fit perfectly on your finger as shown in the picture above, or some small area of your body.

10. The Winged Solar Disk

The winged solar disk is an ancient Egyptian tattoo that symbolizes eternal light and life in Egyptian myth. If you are looking for something to depict power, eternality, then this Egyptian tattoo design is best for you. There’s really nothing like it. The Winged Solar Disk would fit greatly across the shoulders or on the chest region for both males and females.

9. Anubis

Anubis is the Egyptian god of the dead who ruled over the entire realm of the dead. He is most revered by the ancient Egyptians. Anubis, which is a jackal-headed god, was believed to have control over every aspect of death; the spirits of the dead, even the ancient burial rites, all of it! So, if you need something to represent true power, the god of death, Anubis is the perfect design for you. His appearance would look a wonderful anywhere you place it.

8. The Scarab Without Wings Tattoo-Design

The Scarab is one of ancient Egypt’s most famous monuments. They symbolize resurrection and have been an essential pool of data for archeologists and lovers of the history of the old world. The Scarab would be an incredible engraving you should try out. It will give you that special feel like you’ve just been revived.

7. The Egyptian Ba Tattoo

Egyptian tattoos

One of the most off-looking tattoo-designs, the Egyptian Ba Tattoo is seen as a symbol representing “soul”. The ba is one of the particular segments of the individual as comprehended in Egyptian thought.

In the New Kingdom, the ba was an otherworldly part of the person who survived or appeared at death. It was invested with the individual’s distinction and identity. The ba incidentally returned to the tomb of the perished, for the dead body was its legitimate home.

6. Egyptian Cat Tattoo Designs

egyptian tattoos

There are many tattoos that can be found about ancient Egyptian cats. These cats were given high prominence in the ancient Egyptian civilization. The cats had uncommon features that the tattoos successfully cover. The Egyptian cat tattoo design would be fitting with the color combination of black and golden.

5. Set meets Horus

horus and anubis egyptian tattoos

This particular tattoo-design is the meeting of two opposites, Set, the ancient Egyptian god of disaster and storms, and Horus, the god of war, the sky, and the Falcons. The meeting of these two deities symbolizes the harmonization of the two sides of the same personality- the wild side and the calm side. Getting a double tattoo such as these two will symbolize your inner balance or acceptance of all facets of your character.

Both can be placed on both wrists, as shown in the picture but would still work out just fine in any place where the two ancient gods can just face each other.

4. The Wadjat Egyptian Tattoo

egyptian tattoos

his ancient Egyptian symbol is believed to have long existed before the pharoahs came to rule Egypt. It is an ancient Egyptian symbol for the circle of life which actually predates dynastic Egypt.

If you have a high value for the sanctity of life, the Wadjet Egyptian Tattoo is the perfect tattoo for you with its elegant depiction of the circle of life, surrounded and protected by two cobras, and guided by the eye of the sun. It is the perfect ancient tattoo-design of the Egyptians and is good for both a man and a woman.

3. Arrows

egyptian tattoos

Almost every ancient culture uses an arrow. We’ve seen them being used by ancient Indians, and so on, but the ancient Egyptian arrows contain a certain flair that distinguishes it from the others.

The ancient Egyptian arrow tattoo is a good symbolical representation for victory in war or hunting prowess. Place it on the armor maybe shoulder, it will fit well on both men and women alike.

2. The Ankh

egyptian tattoos

The Ankh is the ancient Egyptian symbol of eternal life. It’s another iconic symbol of ancient Egypt which signifies its holder as the reigning pharaoh and represents life, breath, and air. Be it as it may, this stunning tat would be great anywhere it is placed on the body, but would look perfect on the wrist.

1. The Eye of Ra

egyptian tattoos

The Eye of Ra is also known as the eye of God, in ancient Egypt, that their god, Ra, was always watching. He has his eyes everywhere and sees everything. The Eye of Ra placed in the center of the pyramid is the quintessential symbol of eternal divinity! This tattoo will fit well on the chest or across the shoulders if you wish.