17 Biggest Unsolved Mysteries

Introduction:- Biggest Unsolved Mysteries. The world we live in is filled with lots of mysteries, many of which are yet to be solved or proffer sensible solution to. So, what are the biggest of these unsolved mysteries of the world? Here’s a list we have compiled of 17 of the biggest unsolved mysteries of the world.

Through time, man has made some outstanding discoveries that shook the world. But, no matter how much discoveries that have been made, there are still some mysteries that are yet to be solved.

Often times, most of these unsolved mysteries are due to the destruction of the archaeological locations, or loss of important excavated materials that would have helped in one way, by providing the relevant information that is needed for that case.

Hence, leading to a lack of answers, which, also makes these cases more intriguing. Here are 17 of the biggest mind-boggling unsolved mysteries of the world…

Mind-blowing Unsolved Mysteries Of all Time

17. What Happened to DB Cooper?

Our first biggest unsolved mysteries is about a man who attempted to hijack a plane. The man, who was identified as Dan Cooper, was to go on a 30-minute flight on Northwest Airlines Flight 305, from Portland to Seattle.

After takeoff, he reportedly handed one of the air hostesses a note (which is also part of the mystery) and instructed her to read it. His words to her were “Miss, you’d better look at that note,” Dan Cooper told her, “I have a bomb.” Pretty shocking right? Bomb on a plane!

And so, he made demands for $200,000 ransom money, four parachutes, and a fuel truck standing by in Seattle to refuel the plane on arrival. His demands were met, he let off all passengers and two flight attendants, and the plane took off after two hours headed to Mexico with one further refuelling stop in Nevada following his orders.

But, what’s shocking was when the plane landed in Reno, Cooper was nowhere to be found, along with the parachute and ransom money. He was never seen or heard from again. One more mysterious thing, the ransom money was never used.


16. What is going on inside Area 51?

The U.S Military base in Southern Nevada has sparked a series of suspicions and curiosity. Area 51 is believed to be a research and development military location for testing of experimental aircraft and weaponry.

However, the entire landmark of the area is not found on public satellite images such as Google maps. Even those who possess security clearance to enter the area are strictly transported via a private airline called ‘Janet’ to the place. The journey, which is a filled with anxiety will leave you with nothing to speak off, as the windows of the planes are shut upon descent.

There are rumors that surround this area of secrecy, with many who believe the government uses the place to house UFOs crashed on earth and also conducting lab tests and experiments on aliens. Others believe more deep scientific research like time travel experiments, teleportation, even meetings with extraterrestrials go on in Area 51.

None of these theories and suspicions has been proven just yet. But, people do love a good conspiracy theory. which leads to one of the biggest unsolved mysteries of all time.


15. What is the Voynich Manuscript?

In 1912, a 250-page book was purchased by a Polish dealer named Voynich. The book, which was carbon-dated back to 1400 contained languages and writing-system that were completely unknown and not understood by anybody who tried to study the book, but there were hunches it includes illustrations of plants that appear different from any of our known species.

The book, which was named after Voynich after he purchased it, earlier belonged to Georg Baresch (1585–1662), an alchemist from Prague and was believed to have been proposed for medical purposes. Voynich claimed that the book was authored by Albertus Magnus (an alchemist) or Roger Bacon (an early scientist), but some believed that the book and all its history were faked by Voynich.

As time went on, more and more dupery of the text were proposed, but none of it did try to explain the carbon-dating of the paper nor the ink. To date, the Voynich Manuscript is still impenetrable and inexplicable as ever.


14. Why do we sleep?

I know it may sound obnoxious to include this on our list, but there have been several attempts by scientist to provide definitive reason(s) as to why humans need to sleep at night but are yet to arrive at an answer.

Sleep is a necessity for every human to keep both our physical and mental health intact. It is regarded as an energy saver and also the price we pay for learning. It is, based on theory, that sleep helps us to flush our brain of unnecessary information.

However, the idea for such theory is spurred on suggestions that with sleep, the neural connections that are created when we learn are easily correlated with the other information stored in our brain. But, no one has been able to prove that it is necessary for us to sleep in order for any of these processes to work.

Whatever the case may be, one thing is certain, we must sleep. We have ranked this unsolved mystery as the 14th biggest unsolved mystery in the world.


13. Who was Jack the Ripper?

Growing up there were stories about the serial killer notoriously known as Jack Ripper. It was recorded in 1888 that he killed at least five women in London, and went on to mutilate their bodies.

More reports showed that the Ripper supposedly sent letters to police officers taunting their efforts to finding him. But, whether he wrote the letters or not, remains a mystery. And what’s more mysterious is, he was never found.

Even after a series of investigations and arrests. A woman identified as Lizzie William was even suggested to the Ripper, but experts on the Ripper’s case frowned on such claims. To date, it appears more uncertain that the Ripper’s identity will ever be known. This mysterious case ranks 13th on our list of biggest unsolved mysteries of the world.


12. Who murdered JFK?

Our 12th biggest unsolved mystery is one of America’s biggest unsolved cases of murder to date. The murder of the 35th President of the United States of America, John F. Kennedy in November 1963. It took place in Dallas in the Presidential rally.

Although Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested and charged with the murder of the president, there are still some who don’t believe he was the only shooter. Lee Harvey was shot two-days later by Jack Ruby (a night club owner) before he could stand trial. Jack Ruby died of lung cancer on the 3rd of January, 1967.


11. Where is Cleopatra’s tomb?

Historians have come out to say that Cleopatra VII and her lover, Anthony who were both buried together in a tomb after their death, but the location of the tomb remains unknown and is believed to be somewhere near Alexandria.

The couple who died in 30 BC, was buried in a tomb believed to contain many treasures such as gold, silver, emeralds, pearls, ebony, and ivory. It was penned down by historical writers Suetonius and Plutarch that the couple was defeated by the Roman leader Octavian, who later permitted the couples to be buried together.

The site which is now called Taposiris Magna contains several other tombs that date back to the period when Cleopatra was the ruler of Egypt. And even though numerous archeological findings have been made, and a series of excavation done near the site, the exact location of the tomb of Cleopatra VII is yet to be discovered. Researchers believe that, even if the tomb is found to have survived till this day, it may be despoiled and unidentifiable.


10. Is the Copper Scroll treasure real?

Next on our list of biggest unresolved mysteries of the world is another treasure tale that probably isn’t real and possibly can’t be resolved. It’s the mystery about the copper scroll and its hidden treasures. The scroll was found by archeologists in 1952 in a cave at the site of Qumran.

The writings on the scroll were carved unto the copper scroll which had records of huge amounts of treasures, golds, and diamonds in excess. Too good to be true right? Some scholars still doubt the possibility of the existence of such. The copper scroll dates back to the time the Roman Empire conquered the Qumran 1,900 years ago.

As at that time, series of attempts to kick against Roman rule was made, and so the scroll was used as a map to safeguard the location of the treasures to be hidden from the sight and hands of the Roman Forces. However, whether the treasure is real or false, where exactly it is hidden, and whether or not if it still exists are mysteries that may never be solved.


9. What’s the fate of the Ark of the Covenant?

The Ark of the Covenant was used to carry tablets that recorded the 10 commandments of God. However, when King Nebuchadnezzar II conquered the city of Jerusalem with his Babylonian army in 587 B.C, he destroyed the First Temple, which was a building used to worship God by the Jews.

What happened to the Ark remains uncertain, as historical records argue that the ark was either taken to Babylon after the attack, destroyed during the attack, or it was hidden from the Babylonians before they initiated their attack on Jerusalem.

Whichever it is, the fae of the ark today remains unknown as to its location as well. However, there have been series of stories and legends about the arks’ fate, with some saying the ark was taken to Ethiopia where it’s kept safe, others believe the ark is mysterious hidden and will only be revealed when the Messiah arrives.


8. Is there a City of Atlantis?

It is believed that there is a lost city of Atlantis, hidden away deep inside the depths of the Atlantic Ocean. The belief spawns from the writings of one of the greatest philosophers in history, Plato, who told stories about an ancient land called Atlantis which existed right inside the depths of the Atlantic. However, the city was said to have disappeared beneath the waves after a battle broke out against prehistoric Athens.

Scholars and academics have doubts about these tales from one the earth’s greatest mind, but there are some who are of the opinion that maybe Plato’s writings were inspired, drawn from actual events that occur in ancient Greek history. One possible link to this mystery and existence of an underwater city is the Minoan Civilization (as it’s now called).

The city is said to have dwelled on an island in Crete until about 1400 B.C and is believed to be a source of inspiration for the great Greek philosopher. However, Crete is not located anywhere near the Atlantic ocean, but in the Mediterranean.

Furthermore, archeological findings have shown that the Minoan were forced to join another group of settlements known as the Mycenaeans who were based on mainland Greece. To date, the existence of this mysterious city that lies in the depths of the Atlantic remains unclear and unlikely to be proven.


7. Is the Bermuda Triangle really swallowing Ships and Airplanes?

Our 7th biggest unsolved mystery is one that has really caught the attention of scientists and people from across the world. It’s the unsolved case of the Bermuda Triangle and the mysterious disappearances that occur around the region in the ocean.

The Devil’s Trap as it also called, which is located in the middle of the Athlantic Ocean, connecting San Juan, Miami, and Bermuda, has been linked with the strange disappearances of ships, boats, and even planes are said to fall from the sky when they fly into the Bermuda airspace, anything that comes close it seems to disappear into thin air.

Over the years, scientists have tried to explain the possibility of these strange occurrences being caused by the Triangle and provide concrete proof. But, to date, the mystery behind the power of the triangle remains unsolved. Even the lost city of Atlantis is believed to be buried inside the Devil’s Trap (Maybe that’s why the city is yet to be discovered. That too remains a mystery).


6. The Bog Bodies

Another biggest unsolved mysteries of all time is the unsolved discovery of the Bog bodies (corpses of the Bog people). Ordinary, bodies of the dead are meant to decompose months after death if not well preserved in the morgue. But, mysteriously, the corpses of people believed to be from Bog that died centuries ago, were somehow preserved naturally, with their skin and internal organs all intact.

Furthermore, the bodies which were found in thousands revealed signs of being murdered. It is believed that the people were used as sacrifices for rituals by Pagans as punishments for their crimes. Although archaeologist and historical researchers have provided reasons why the bodies were found in mass, they are yet to provide explanations as to how the bodies were preserved all through the years.


5. The Flannan Isles Lighthouse disappearances

The disappearances which occurred in the Flannan Isles Lighthouse comes as our 5th unsolved mystery. It is believed that strange circumstances surround the disappearances of the three-man crew which manned the lighthouse.

The men; Thomas Marshall, James Ducat, and Donald MacArthur all mysteriously disappeared without a trace in 1900. The fourth person, a man rotating from shore believed to be the relief keeper arrived at the lighthouse on Boxing day, December 26th of 1900, only to discover that none of the three men posted to man the lighthouse were present.

The only sign to proved something strange had happened was an overturned chair. But evidence of a struggle, or the bodies of any of the men were ever found. This had led to a series of speculation and theories, some even believed they were abducted by foreign spies, or a ghost ship (which sounds totally ridiculous). But whichever the case may be, what exactly happened to them remains unknown to date.


4. The Big Grey Man

For our next biggest unsolved mystery, we will be heading to Scotland, where one of the strangest mysteries is said to have taken place. The Big Grey Man (or the Am Fear Liath Mòr; as known in the Scottish language) is a giant inhuman creature that is said to haunt the summit and passes of Scotland’s second highest peak, Ben Macdui.

The creature, which is referenced to the likes of the Bigfoot and Yeti (or Sasquatch), is claimed to have been seen by several eyewitnesses. What’s even more bizarre about this creature is that it doesn’t have the physical resemblance of a bear, so when seen, eyewitnesses can’t dismiss it at bear-sightings.

According to eyewitnesses, they say the Big Grey Man is a tall, human-like, short-haired creature with really broad shoulders and pretty long arms. There are also claims that it made sounds like gravel crunching beneath the falls.

However, scientists have tried to look for explanations about the sightings and sounds of this mysterious creature but to no avail. For now, all about the Big Grey Man remains unsolved and still a mystery.


3. What was Jesus really like?

Two-thousand years after his departure from the earth, Scientists and archeological experts are still working, in search of answers as to what the ‘Son of God’ was like in real life? where he lived or grew up in? Did the stories about him really take place?

And although, the earliest surviving gospels were discovered hundreds of year after the life of Jesus, it was recently announced that an earlier (more of a first century text) has been found. Is that a break through for researchers? Not quite! But we continue to wait on researchers to provide more information about the life of the Christian Messiah.

Even though some scholars believed it unlikely they will ever understand what he was, Jesus, like in real life.


2. The Man in the Iron Mask

The Man in the Iron Mask is one of the oldest French mysteries of all-time, spanning over three centuries. In 1669, a man was imprisoned in the Bastille and other French jails for more than three decades, until his death in 1703.

But the mystery lies in the identity of the man, which was never known, even after his death. This was due to his face, hidden behind an iron mask. The story was even further popularized in the 1998 film “The Man in the Iron Mask” – starring Leonardo di Caprio.

Is his identity ever going to be known? That remains a mystery to be uncovered as we await science experts.


1. Edward Mordrake

Now to the last biggest unsolved mystery of the world, this one, quite unusual and pretty scary as well. It’s about a man named Edward Mordrake. Edward Mordrake was born c. 1890, with a strange disfigurement as a face at the back of his head.

Although the face could not utter full words, it was able to show some expressions like a smile, a cry, and make several other strange noises without Edward’s control. Edward claimed that the second face spoke to evil words to him at night and begged doctors to have his second ‘Demon-face’ removed, but no doctor would dare attempt it.

Sadly, Edward committed suicide at the age of 23 due to he could no longer bear the presence of his second face. But what the second face kept telling him that made him take his own life remains one of the biggest unsolved Mysteries to date. A story, which has fascinated readers even despite the author of the article was a known fictitious writer.

Which of these biggest unsolved mysteries is more mind-blowing to you?

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