15 Most Handsome Men In The World

Introduction: most handsome men in the world. Here is our list of the 15 most handsome men in the world 2019 that has got everyone talking.

Being called handsome is not all about the shape of a man’s face, or the colour of his hair. Rather it’s more about the combination of looks, body, style and appeal.

In contemporary times, the world tends to be more focused on the female glamour and appeal, with less consideration to the male gender. But in this article, we take a look at the 15 most handsome men trending on news, magazines, TV shows, you name it!

These men include famous actors, athletes, singers and musicians. More attention will be given to appearance, photogenic, charisma, style and sexiness.

Their individual achievements and awards in their various professional activities will not be used as a tool of measurement as it did not matter to me. So here is my well-packed list of the 15 most handsome men in the world that has got everyone talking.

Most Handsome Men In The World

15. Prince William

One of the Most Handsome Men 2019

Just like the fairy tales where you have your prince charming, Prince William is no short from expectation. There is something always so special and attracting about Prince William.

He has been described as ‘very beautiful’ from a young age and renders one of the very reasons why he is found so attractive.

Born into the Royal family on 21st June 1982 in the United Kingdom, Arthur William Phillip Louis is the son of Princess Diana and Prince Charles.

He has a dashing outlook, incredible charisma and spirited personality, heart-melting smile he was once voted as the most handsome man in Europe. No doubt that he is amongst the most handsome men in the world.

14. Robert Pattinson

One of the Most Handsome Men 2019

The star of the sensational movie franchise that grossed over $3.3 billion in worldwide receipts, ‘Twilight’, Robert Pattinson has also been nominated to be on our list of most handsome men in the world.

This 30-year-old English actor is also a model and a musician. He started his movie career by playing Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire in 2005.

Pattinson was named by Times Magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2010. He is one for the pretty smile and an amazing charisma, perfect jawline and gothic eyes, no doubt he was ranked by Forbes as one of the most powerful celebrities in the world in the Forbes Celebrity 100 and was sure to have made the list.

13. Jon Hamm

One of the Most Handsome Men 2019

Remember our guy from the famous American AMC drama series Mad Men where he stars as Don Draper? Well, he has made it to 13th on our list of the most handsome men in the world. This American actor is popular for his acting and producing skills. Ham is internationally considered as a sex symbol as he was named sexiest man alive in 2007 by Salon.com.

Based on his incredible features amazing talent, Ham was also picked as one of people’s magazine’s sexiest man alive in 2008. In November 2008, Jon Hamm was also named as one of Entertainment Weekly’s Entertainers of the Year. He was also confirmed with the same reception in 2010. Having also won the “GQ’s” ‘international man’ award in September of 2010, Jon Hamm is sure to have made our list.

12. Johnny Depp

One of the Most Handsome Men 2019

Johnny is without a doubt the ultimate ladies’ man. He is craved for by women of all ages with his insane looks, flawless appeal and daring personality. He is one actor popular for his ability to have been able to fit into many roles.

Johnny Depp is an American actor, producer and musician. Born June 9th, 1963 He is famous for his lead role in Pirates of the Caribbean Series. He is the third highest grossing actor worldwide.

11. Salman Khan

One of the Most Handsome Men 2019

Indian’s Salman Khan comes up at the 11th spot in the ranking of our most handsome men. No doubt he made it to the list, I mean he is one of India’s most favourite handsome stars. His smile, great fashion sense, and a well-built body, this Indian Movie Star, though not young by age, still appears very young in person.

Salman Khan has bagged several awards for his outstanding acting. Born December 27th, 1965, he is yearned for by many ladies all over the world and not just in India.

10. Omar Borkan Al Gala

One of the Most Handsome Men 2019

We just can’t make a list of the most handsome men and leave out one of the world’s most beautiful men in the Middle East, yes! You heard me right, Beautiful. Born on 23rd September 1989 in Baghdad, Iraq, Omar Borkan Al Gala was in 2013 the world’s most searched personality on Google accounts. As a matter of fact, he is one with a really interesting story surrounding his looks as he was once sent away from the Saudi Arabia Kingdom for being too handsome and attractive.

His incredible looks created so much attention in the media that it made its way to the leadership hen to send him away. Omar is one of the most admired media personality in the Middle East by ladies, and so has made it to our list of most handsome men.

9. Cristiano Ronaldo

One of the Most Handsome Men 2019

He is not just the world’s best player, Cristiano Ronaldo is amongst the most handsome men in the world. Ronaldo is a Portuguese international football star and he currently plays for Juventus.

The 33 years old Portuguese forward is one of the most talked about celebrity in the world. This goes from his looks, his style, and choice of lifestyle, cars and Humanitarian works. No doubt Ronaldo is on our list of most handsome men in the world.

8. Hrithik Rosahan

One of the Most Handsome Men 2019

For the most part, this Indian sensational actor is regarded as ‘Sexy’ by many of Indian lovers. He is one of the favorite and most celebrated Bollywood actors. He is blessed with an amazing height, sharp looks, and exquisite personality.

He has starred in a number of movies with his first movie, Kaho Na Pyra Hai which grossed on the Box Office. He was born to Indian producer Roshan Rakesh on January 10th, 1974 and is believed to be one of Bollywood’s richest actors.

Named by many websites and blogs in 2019 as the Most Handsome Indian Man, he has a kind heart as it shows in his charitable works over the world.

7. Godfrey Gao

one of the Most Handsome Men 2019

Gao is a man with an amazing personality. He is of Taiwan’s most handsome man. He is a brand ambassador of Louis Vuitton Fashion. He has worked in and with many television dramas and movies.

He is an adorable Asian with simple but charming looks, pleasant smile and an amazing sense of dressing. His appearance has made him draw a lot of attention from social media and in real life. He is most stylish and has more interest from ladies than most would expect. And guess what? He is still single.

6. Chris Evans

One of the Most Handsome Men 2019

You simply cannot ignore or leave out Chris Evans A.K.A Captain America while compiling a list of the most handsome men in the world. For his insanely, undeniable, undisputable and ‘hot’ appearance in the 2015 blockbuster and Box Office movie, Fantastic Four, Chris has gained more following ever since and more attraction from fans all over the world. And as some would say, he is simply too good looking.

Chris Evans is an American based actor and since starring as Captain America, he is widely recognized as the character rather than his person. We love him and believe our decision on his appearance in our list of most handsome men in the world can’t be eschewed.

5. David Beckham

One of the Most Handsome Men 2019

Regarded as the most handsome Englishman, David Robert Joseph Beckham is 5th on our list of most handsome men in the world.

He is an English retired professional footballer, but his looks don’t looks and style are still in the game. He is the first ever English player to win the league titles in four major countries; England, France, Spain and the United States.

4. Justin Trudeau

One of the Most Handsome Men 2019

On number three spot we have a man who is not an athlete or an actor, but a Canadian Politician. Meet Justin Trudeau, born in the year 1971, he is the current Prime Minister since 2015 and indeed the youngest.

This young man here is just not only handsome, but a sweet and nice person. He praised for not just being incredibly cute but also for his kind consideration and help to the vulnerable in the society.

3. Tom Cruise

One of the Most Handsome Men 2019

Our list of the most handsome men in the world cannot be seen as complete if the main character behind every Hollywood action movie Tom Cruise is not included. He is just unique and has a thing for amazing and breezy hairstyles. He has a bold stature, an impressive outlook, stylish and looks good in suits, even when he is fighting in the movies.

Tom is an American Actor, producer and a recipient of many accolades for more dramatic works, including three Golden Globe Awards and a Nomination for three Academy Awards. In 1990, Tom Cruise was named The Sexiest Man Alive by the People’s Weekly Magazine.

2. Bradly Cooper

One of the Most Handsome Men 2019

While there is a dispute between who takes the number 1 spot, the second spot for the most handsome man in the world is none other than Hollywood’s sensational actor Bradly Cooper. Bradly was named sexiest man alive in 2011 by the People’s Weekly Magazine is famous for his role in ‘The Hangover’ movies.

Do you agree with our choice of celebrities for the most handsome men in the world? Are you excited to find out who the most handsome man in the world is? Well look no further because the most handsome man in the world is none other than the one, the only…

1. George Clooney

One of the Most Handsome Men 2019

Yes, it’s him! It had to be him. George Clooney is indeed the most handsome man in the world. He has the world’s most handsome face according to science. The American actor was found to be 91.86 perfect accurate to the Greek golden ratio of beauty Phi, which for thousands of years was believed to hold the secret formula of perfection.

This fact was proved when a British Doctor examined the faces of famous using the Greek Golden Ratio. According to the doctor, “George had a near perfect ratio of nose to lip dimension of 99.6 percent and his chin and eye spacing were almost perfect as well. Across the 12 key markers he had the highest combined score”.

So there you have it. Our list of the 15 most handsome men in the world. Feel free to leave your opinion in the comment sections down below if you feel there are some changes or names that need to be added to the list.

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