10 World most expensive fidget spinner Of 2019

we have put together a list of the 10 most expensive of the fidget spinner.

Fidgets spinners are the new toy craze to hit the world by storm. Highly one of the most unexpected trends to catch the attention of the nation, these small, hand-held toys are manufactured to work as great stress relief especially for those with fidgety hands.

This device is highly recommended for kids with autism to help control their anxiety, but surprisingly they have captured the attention of the general public as well, and now, everybody wants one.

The device works’ by spinning. They are usually affordable, and with 5 bucks, you can get yourself a typical plastic spinner in any store. But the most expensive fidget spinners could cost more, much more!

World most expensive fidget spinner Of 2019

10. Torqbar Fidget Spinner – Cost: $199

The Torqbar Fidget Spinner has many different varieties. The most expensive and heaviest of them all is the one made out of titanium. It has the highest spin and will cost you about $199.

Other varieties of this sinner are copper, brass, and stainless steel. It the cheapest on our list of top 10, but is still expensive nonetheless, considering you can get a regular fidget spinner for less than $20.

9. Alpha EDC Spinner Fidget Multi toy – Cost: $200

Though this fidget spinner started as a Kickstarter project and is currently sold out, it is a unique and creative spinner packed with a lot of features. It is made with 954 bearing bronze and can spin for at least 3 minutes.

Its part is interchangeable with the base button and was made with CNC machines technique.

8. Crusader – Cost: $260

The crusader, like its name, has a religious touch to it. It is made by KASFLY and comes in two varieties – Titanium and Bronze. The titanium spinner is the most expensive and is sold at $260 and has a spin time of about 3 minutes. But the bronze variety of this fidget spinner has a higher spinning time of 4-5 minutes.

This spinner can only be bought from KASFLYS’ Facebook group, which, by the way, is a closed facebook group. The length of the spinner is 66mm and is typically a handspun spinner, but has the capability of a table of spins.

7. Metal Worn Turbine Hand Spinner v2 and V3 – Cost: $299

The Metal Worn Turbine Hand Spinner is perfectly crafted using grade 2 pure titanium and ceramic bearing which aids for a smoother spin. The body structure is 12mm thick and is 18mm thick at the buttons.

Version 2 of this spinner is currently sold out, but the version 3 is still in stock and is sold at a massive $299.

6. Black Lotus Tri Spinner Sterling Silver’ – Cost: $335

The Black Lotus Tri is made using sterling silver and a high-tech 3D printer. The bearing is made out of hybrid ceramic and the body is polished with tritium powder, which attracts additional cost anyway.

The Tri spinner comes in distinct varieties and each comes with unique circuit design. You can get this spinner by placing an order for them from the company’s website, HouseofYurich.

5. Pepyakka-S – Cost: $425

A fidget spinner produced by a company with a name like FromRussiaWithKnives, this fidget spinner looks nothing short of something out of an action movie. It has 20 interlocking parts with a double bearing system to increase its spinning time and enhance stability.

The bad-boys are currently sold on the company’s website. When you place an order, they are shipped straight from Russia.

4. Sunnytech Customized 925 Silver Fidget Spinner – Cost: $459

Crafted with sterling silver, the Sunnytech customized 925 Silver Fidget Spinner has a beautiful shape and design, with a jaw-dropping price. It works out just fine to relief you of stress, anxiety, and boredom, that is, if you are willing to pay the price of $459 for it.

3. Superconductor Stubby Spinner and Cigar Stand – Cost: $525

This is one multipurpose fidget spinner as it can also be used as a cigar stand. Manufactured by Rotablade, these spinners are currently sold out, these spinners are available in different varieties of copper, stainless steel, brass, and titanium which is the most expensive.

Its rotation is smooth and suits greatly for comfort. The manufacturer also offers the spinners in exotic materials such as Zirconium and Mokuti. The spin time for this spinner is about 120 seconds and it sells for $525.

2. 9 Gear Fidget Spinner – Cost: $600

With its stylish design and uniquely crafted out entirely out of brass, the 9 gear fidget spinner looks like a weapon used in action movie. It is small and silver in color. With a 62mm deep, 18.7mm high, and 62mm wide body, it weighs just 118kg and is sold for $600.

And also, for $140, you can get the spinner briefcase.

1. Bathgate Artifact Spinner – Cost: $700

The Bathgate artifact spinner is manufactured by metal artist Chris Bathgate, a master of metal artisan in collaboration with Mike Hogarty and Callye Keen.

His unique touch is quite evident in the artifact spinner it has drawn a lot of attention worldwide, and currently expected to sell out even with its high price. The spinner is simply unlike others of its kind, and it creates special effects when it’s spun.

The artifact is manufactured using stainless steel and brass. And it comes in different colors of red, orange, blue and gold/steel. It is perhaps, the most expensive widget spinner ever.

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